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Complete College Consulting — This package is our best and includes all of our consulting services in a convenient bundle. We guide you through the entire process to minimize the stress and anxiety associated with the college application process and help find the BEST FIT school. Students begin this package by January of Junior year.

Services include:


  • Establish College Admissions Team: Clearly define the student's team and outline roles and responsibilities.

  • Student Assessment: Evaluation of the student’s academic transcripts, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities to determine admission probabilities.

  • Career Exploration Package: YouScience® Aptitude Assessment; impactful guidance by combining aptitudes and interests to match a student to their best-fit personalized career path.

  • Guidance: Utilize curriculum mapping to establish a 4-Year plan, understand high school course selection, evaluate extracurricular and summer activities.

  • Initial College List: Development of a preliminary college list.

  • Initial Scholarship Planning: Assistance researching and applying for scholarships.


  • Standardized Testing: Outline a testing timeline, advice on which tests (SAT or ACT) to take and test prep options.

  • Online Test Prep: Subscription to online test prep for either ACT and SAT Standard Course which includes 4 months of prep, 4 full length practice tests, video answers to every question, video lessons by subject and a guaranteed score improvement.

  • Final College List: Personalized college list highlighting best-fit colleges. Goal is to develop a balanced list of reach, match and safety colleges considering academic, social and financial needs.

  • College Visit Planning: Provide college visit tips and checklists.

  • Application Deadlines & Requirement: Research application deadlines, and application require to establish an overall application timeline.

  • CustomCollegePlan Student Portal: Online and accessible 24-hours a day throughout the process to assist with organization and structure.

  • College Notebook with worksheets, lesson plans and guides.


  • Application Strategies: Review of different application options, with guidance on when to apply (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision, etc.)

  • Application Support for the Common Application or Coalition Application: Assistance with completing college applications.

  • Application Support for School Specific Applications: Complete assistance with school specific applications.

  • Activity Résumé: Assistance with the development of the high school activities list and brag sheet.

  • Effective Essay Planning: Analysis of essay prompts to determine overlap to minimize workload. Why write more than necessary?

  • ESSAY Brainstorming: Helping a student find their story and overcome the blank page syndrome, using College Essay Guy and EssayDog.

  • Essay Editing and Feedback: Guidance crafting the final essay through edits and revision (maximum of 10 hours).

  • Letters of Recommendation: Advice on asking for recommendations from teachers and counselors, including followup and Thank You notes.

  • Supplemental Application Support: Assistance with supplemental applications such as honors applications or named scholarship applications (not including essays or main college applications).

  • Interview Tips: Guide to successful a college interview including research and preparation.

  • Scheduling Assistance: Interviews & Portfolio Reviews (not including auditions or pre-screens).



  • Fit Analysis: Putting it all together to determine which schools are the "best-fit" socially, academically and financially.

  • Final Visit Planning: Make the most of a final visit to assist with making a final decision.

  • Final Decision: Assistance with making the final decision.



  • Transition to College: Evaluate enrollment tasks, housing options, orientation, scheduling and provide sorority recruitment assistance.