College Consulting Service Agreement

This agreement ("Consulting Service Agreement") is between you (the client), and LHR College Consulting. LHR College Consulting will provide independent, objective college admissions consulting services specializing in the confidential management of your information as outlined within this Consulting Service Agreement.

A. LHR College Consulting will provide to Client

Admissions consulting based on agreed upon package, may include the following services:

  • Collection and review of educational and personal histories, school records and educational testing results
  • Analysis of student’s interests, strengths, skills and academic and extracurricular goals
  • Family conference regarding college preference
  • Extensive search of schools and programs and list of potential schools
  • Evaluation of student’s merit aid, scholarship, and college aid eligibility
  • Advice on securing letters of recommendation – the who, when and how
  • Development of “to do” list for educational testing, college visits, application completion and submission
  • College visit advice and preparation
  • Review of appropriate timelines and college planning checklists
  • College essay brainstorming and editing
  • Critique of completed applications (up to 10 schools)
  • Support with final enrollment decision

B.    Responsibilities of the Client

  • It is the sole responsibility of Client to remain in close communication with LHR College Consulting regarding any college admission correspondence from colleges and other pertinent information to the college admissions process.
  • Maintaining communication with the high school counselor and following the requirements of the high school counseling officeThis includes communication from high school personnel regarding the school’s college application procedures and internal deadlines for requesting transcripts, letters of recommendation and other documents received from the high school.
  • Providing LHR College Consulting all high school and college transcripts, ACT/SAT results, and the results of all educational and psychological testing if applicable.
  • Confirming all application deadlines and required application materials including, but not limited to: standardized test requirements, essays, applications, letters of recommendation and application fees.
  • Ensuring that all written portions of the college applications are the student’s own work.
  • Monitoring status of applications and responding to all offers of enrollment.

C.    Confidentiality

  • All Client sessions and files are confidential.

D.  LHR College Consultants DO NOT

  • Complete college and scholarship applications.
  • Guarantee college placement or acceptance as all college admission decisions are made solely by the educational institution.
  • Create or write any part of the college application/essays
  • Mail applications

E.   LHR College Consulting Timeline of Services

  • LHR College Consulting will provide college admission consulting for the duration of the specific time period in the contract.

F.    Terms of Agreement

  • By proceeding to checkout, Client acknowledges reading and accepting the terms and conditions as outlined in the LHR College Consulting Services Agreement and agrees to pay the full fee. Please make online payment via credit card or make check payable to LHR College Consulting and mail payment to:

LHR College Consulting

350 Newcastle Drive

Alpharetta, GA 30009

The fee includes services provided by LHR College Consulting; prep time; email, fax, text, and telephone correspondence; professional research; analysis and material for Admissions to college for the duration of the agreed upon package.


Financial Aid Service Agreement

Financial aid service agreements are provided by partners of LHR College Consulting. This Service Agreement with LHR College Consulting is applicable to the services outlined above in the previous section ("College Consulting Service Agreement"). No representations or warranty is made for Financial Aid Services in this Consulting Agreement.


Test Prep Service Agreement

This agreement ("Test Agreement") is between you (the client), and LHR College Consulting to provide test prep via online test prep provider

A. LHR College Consulting will provide to Client

  • 4 months of online test prep for either the ACT or SAT provided by
  • Video answers to every question
  • Video lessons by subject
  • WordSmith vocabulary builder
  • Administration and scoring of 4 full-length online diagnostic exams

B. Responsibilities of the Client

  • Client must notify LHR College Consulting of SAT or ACT Prep scores. Client is responsible for pacing and managing the online test prep course. 

C.    Confidentiality

  • All LHR College Consulting Client sessions and files are confidential.

D.   Signature & Fee