Let’s turn your college planning process into the journey that it should be.

Today's aspiring college students face more complexity in the selection process than ever before. Vast amounts of information, complex questions and answers, and multiple application formats can overwhelm even the most dedicated students. And this takes place in addition to studies, work, and making time to enjoy being young. 

Our approach draws from the similarity of the college planning process to the planning of a great vacation. The planning and anticipation should be fun — a journey itself. 

Don’t just be a tourist.

Selecting your destination is hard work, to be sure. But hard work shouldn't mean boring, tedious, or impossible. The key is having a partner in the journey — one that reduces your stress, fear, and helps your best qualities come through.

Our expertise and approach has been developed over the years with thousands of students and hundreds of schools. The destinations may have been the same, but no journey was alike. Learn more about what we do, and then get in touch with us to understand how we do it.

Let us be a part of that journey. We can't wait to see where you go.